Car Importer

Your Specialists in Motor Vehicle Imports

 Are you looking to import a car? Personal Import is your experienced car importer in Iran, making shipping to the country a stress free process. Motor vehicle imports to Iran require so much more than simple shipping, but a detailed process to ensure all standards are adhered to.

If you are considering importing a motor vehicle from overseas, you need a company you can rely on to cover everything from start to finish. As a specialist car importer that takes the time to handle each import individually, catering to your specific needs, we are the perfect choice for drivers of all vehicle types.

As vehicle import specialists, we handle much more than just shipping. We offer all of the services below:

  • Manage the Vehicle Import Approval
  • Arrange and co-ordinate Freight Forwarders in the country of export. Due to our volume of shipping we get preferential rates for car imports.
  • Arrange all shipping aspects including Marine Insurance via roll on / roll off, consolidated or dedicated container.
  • Arrange customs valuation in Iran to determine the amount of duty and GST payable.
  • Liaise with the Freight Forwarder in Iran while the car is in bond and deal with any personal effects that accompany the car.
  • Attend at port of arrival to confirm valuation with Iranian customs if required.
  • Instruct Customs Broker in Iran to arrange clearance.
  • New import rules apply on requirements for air conditioning gas and most personal imports do not require degassing (do NOT de-gas your car prior to shipping unless we instruct you to)
  • Arrange removal from Iranian Customs Bonded area or Bond store.
  • Arrange appropriate transport of motor vehicle to the registered engineer for compliancing to Iranian standards.
  • Supervise engineering compliance to avoid delay or un-necessary modifications or repairs.
  • Transport car to registered workshop for the issue of a safety certificate. This is a different procedure from the engineer’s certification.
  • Transport vehicle to the relevant Department of Transport for the required inspection to get it registered in the client’s name.
  • Deal with the Department of Transport to establish the amount of state Stamp Duty payable on first registration.
  • Pre-delivery detailing/cleaning if required.
  • Advise on appropriate comprehensive insurance. Third Party Personal injury insurance is a compulsory component of the registration fee in Iran.
  • Arrange insurance valuation.
  • Liaise with client for collection and hand-over.